Internal Arts Workshop

We are proud to introduce our very first guest (Sifu) Torben Bremann to KEI Kung Fu Academy! He will hold a workshop at our academy on May 22 – 24, 2020.

Event Details

This 3-day seminar will provide an ideal way of practicing and building an intimate knowledge of how energy is created and generated through our bodies for martial arts and overall health. Utilizing principles from Taiji & Qigong, Torben will explore concepts, training methods, and drills for mind-body connection and internal skill development. These skills are not style specific and can be applied in any martial art or to your overall health. Participants from all styles, affiliations, and ability levels are welcome. You will experience the following:

  • Standing meditation
  • Qigong
  • Form
  • Internal Skill Development
  • Solo & Partner Exercises
  • Applications
  • Concepts, Philosophy & Principles

About Sifu Torben

Torben Bremann is a very experienced teacher and is known for his compelling and thoughtful way of teaching with an emphasis on practical demonstrations and simple explanations. With regard to his own development in the art of Qigong and Taiji, Torben Bremann has an open and modest approach, always willing to find new paths to excellence. He was trained by famous masters, including Wee Kee Jin since 1999, and (others of Master Huang’s Senior top students) and Sam Tam since 2005, and belongs to the “inner circle” of these masters.

We believe that this workshop will make a valuable contribution to your understanding of mind-body connection of everyday life and the internal arts (regardless of the style you follow).

Wing Chun bij KEI Kung Fu


We are KEI

We always strive for a real club feeling with room for every individual. A membership at KEI Kung Fu is more than just taking part in as many classes as you want, we combine the best of a gym, the best of martial arts and add personal guidance and mindfulness. In the future, we strive to build a real community with our members through workshops and events on topics such as health, nutrition, psychology and culture around Wing Chun. Daarom zijn wij als KEI Kung Fu trots dat de eerste workshop met Sifu Torben een feit is.


Want to have an excitement weekend, with our Internal Arts Workshop you will experience new insights and experiences with Sifu Torben. And join us for an exciting 3-day workshop.

FRIDAY (22 May) : 19.00 – 21.30
SATURDAY (23 May): 10.00 – 17.30
SUNDAY (24 May): 10.00 – 17.30


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By following our Internal Arts Workshop you will experience the following benefits:

  • Build a powerful internal engine
  • Body and mind connection
  • Realign the body
  • Rooting
  • Standing meditation
  • Partnerwork and applications