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Are you looking for more balance in your life, new physical challenges or just a fun activity? Then practicing at KEI Kung Fu Academy in the centre of Amsterdam is something for you. Kung Fu has many physical, mental and social benefits, suitable for anyone and everyone. Become part of something positive and learn new skills from trained professionals. It’s easy to get started- Enroll in our classes today.

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Designed for all ages and skill levels

Wing Chun for kids

At KEI Kung Fu, children get to learn Kung Fu in a fun, safe and challenging way. Our
lessons have been developed to optimally support the development of our youngest
students and are divided into 3 age groups: Monkeys, Cranes and Tigers.
Playfulness and fun are central to our children’s lessons. Together with their peers,
they discover new skills through movement and play, in keeping with the physical,
emotional and social developments of this phase of life. Where our Kung fu Monkeys
learn balance and coordination, our Kung Fu Cranes are already more concerned with
agility, discipline and focus. As a kung fu Tiger they learn about body language, selfdefense and cooperation, before moving on to the Junior class.

Wing Chun for juniors

Whether you move on from our Tigers or have no experience with Kung Fu, we
challenge you in our Juniors class! With advanced exercises and techniques in selfdefense, teenagers are physically challenged in the life phase in which they often excel
in sporting terms.
Together with peers you learn new Kung fu skills in our Wing Chun lessons, but also
social and emotional skills. We work on personal goals and responsibility, learn to
solve problems creatively and deal with stress and emotions.
Our Juniors will also learn many more advanced techniques in this class to prepare
them for self-defense, or even to join classes within our adult’s program when they
reach the proper age.
Juniors train in groups with peers, make friends and learn how they can express
themselves positively as an individual in a group. Are you also up for getting fit,
focused and enthusiastic with our Wing Chun lessons? Take on the challenge and
meet our Juniors!

Wing Chun for adults

Looking for more balance in your busy life or new sporting challenges? At KEI Kung
Fu we offer both. Together we work on your physical strength, self-confidence and
your mind-body connection. Are you already familiar with kung fu or are you new to
the world of Kung Fu? Everyone, from beginner to advanced, is welcome in our kung
fu classes!

We teach Wing Chun Kung Fu, a traditional form of self-defense characterized by
practical, fast techniques from a relaxed state: relaxation of body and mind provides
speed and focus. That is why we believe Wing Chun fits perfectly into our everyday
life, where performance, stress and (too) many stimuli have become the norm.
With Wing Chun you learn techniques from a relaxed state, so you are not dependent
on muscle strength. At KEI you not only learn to move consciously but also to stand
still consciously, which ensures better performance and more balance.
Do you want to become stronger, achieve better condition or lose weight? Together we
work on your personal growth. Curious about KEI Kung Fu? Come to a lesson!

Kinderlessen bij KEI Kung FU

Wing Chun voor iedereen

Bij Kei Kung Fu geven wij je de mogelijkheid om zo flexibel mogelijk te trainen. Dat doen we onder andere door het aanbieden van verschillende lidmaatschappen, variërend van €79 tot €149 per maand. Ontdek wat Kung Fu voor jou kan betekenen!

KEI Kinderlogo's

KEI voor kinderen

  • 4 tot 11-jarigen.
  • Specifieke programma’s voor 3 leeftijdsgroepen.
  • Speelse kennismaking met Kung Fu.
  • Ondersteuning motorische en sociale ontwikkeling.
Gratis proefles

KEI voor junioren

  • 12 tot 16-jarigen.
  • Zelfverdedigingstechnieken.
  • Groepsgevoel én individualiteit.
  • Zelfvertrouwen, discipline en vastberadenheid.
Gratis Proefles

KEI voor volwassenen

  • Vanaf 17 jaar.
  • Ontsnap aan de dagelijkse drukte.
  • Zelfverdedigingstechnieken, kracht en balans.
  • Minder stress, meer energie en zelfvertrouwen.
Gratis proefles

KEI voor bedrijven

  • Workshops zelfverdediging.
  • Teambuilding en persoonlijke ontwikkeling.
  • Stressreductie, zelfvertrouwen en veiligheid.
  • Vergaderruimte.
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Het laatste KEI nieuws

Blijf op de hoogte van het KEI nieuws! Regelmatig geven wij een kijkje achter de schermen bij KEI, praten wij je bij over de laatste ontwikkelingen of delen we leuke informatie over onze lessen, leraren en Kung Fu.

Kung Fu voor vier en vijfjarigen in Amsterdam

Want to introduce your preschooler to Kung Fu? Learn more about our Kung Fu classes in Amsterdam for four- and five-year-olds and meet our Monkeys! Lees verder