Over the years, we’ve found that people come to our Kung fu academy for different reasons. Some people want practical self defense, fitness, and a more balanced body and mind. People who are looking for martial arts classes usually have a clearer idea of what they DON’T want than what they do. so we’ve put together a list of some of the things that get in the way of adults getting the results they are looking for. Perhaps you can relate to some of the “don’t wants” below.

1. You don’t want a boring training session —Instead you want a fun and structured approach.

Our classes are fun and offer a great workout —but best of all, we keep your mind engaged!

2. You don’t want to feel intimidated

This is probably the biggest obstacle most people face when it comes to martial arts. But the truth is at KEI Kung Fu we’ve made making our students feel welcome our top priority.

3. You don’t want to get injured —instead you want to learn in a professional and safe environment.

Safety is on top of our list. Our instructors offer a non-competitive structured learning approach. Our programs are among the safest activities you could ever do.

4. You don’t want to be competing against others. You have enough stress in your day already

Our academy is not competition based. Instead we are learning centered. We  put a lot of emphasis on cooperation and NOT competition. We encourage a feeling of friendship and teamwork that makes you feel part of a community.


5. You don’t want to feel embarrassed — instead you want to train within your body’s abilities!

We are aware that many adults have physical limitations nowadays. We take pleasure in showing individuals a step by step process on how to succeed in our classes. We built our academy from the ground up — not to meet the needs of the super athletic, but mainly the needs of individuals who might have struggled with staying in shape.


Click the video below to see what Marcel has to say about his experience at KEI Kung Fu!



Are you ready to start your journey? If our academy looks interesting to you, you can start by signing up for your first trial class. Feel free to drop in and see me anytime!