KEI Kung Fu Belt Ceremony- Spring 2024

At KEI KUNG FU, our belts/sashes are used as a label to show the training level a child has attained. The Belt Ceremony is the final stage of each level’s curriculum. It suggests that a child has completed and learned most of the skills connected to that belt level and that the child is ready to advance in their Kung Fu training.

The Kung Fu Belt Ceremony is similar to graduation where we ask the students to line up and then we announce their names to come forward to receive their new belts and certificates.

During the Kung Fu Belt Ceremony, we aslo take the time to educate students about what they can anticipate at the next belt level. We remind them about the importance of growth, leadership, and their new expectations. If they’ve received their white belt for example, they’ll now be responsible for a yellow belt skill set.


Ben jij klaar voor je eerste les bij KEI Kung Fu?

Meld je aan voor een proefles en kom vrijblijvend kennis maken met Wing Chun, onze leraren en andere deelnemers.

We recommit ourselves to the tenets of our Kung Fu school: discipline, teamwork, concentration, determination, confidence, respect.

But most importantly, our Belt Ceremony is a big celebration. It acknowledges all the hard work the children have done. Each belt is a huge milestone and we celebrate this accomplishment with fellow students, friends, and family!

KEI Kung Fu offers a trial program for individuals and families in Amsterdam that allows you to get a feel for the different classes, meet our instructors, and experience our Kung Fu Academy. It’s a great way to see if our Kung Fu program is right for you. To learn more, sign up for your introduction class today! We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.