At KEI Kung Fu Academy, a Black Belt is not just an indication that you have practiced enough techniques and patterns to be promoted, it also shows a respect for yourself, those around you and your instructor. It suggests that you have a good level of proficiency in your martial arts.

Once you have earned your Black Belt, you may continue to train through the Black Belt curriculum and advance to higher ‘technician’ grades. You will learn more advanced techniques and a deeper understanding of Wing Chun Kung Fu as an art.

Ben jij klaar voor je eerste les bij KEI Kung Fu?

Meld je aan voor een proefles en kom vrijblijvend kennis maken met Wing Chun, onze leraren en andere deelnemers.

Having a high level is of course not the full story because it’s who you are and what you do with your acquired knowledge that counts.

We are so pleased to announce our new Black Belts here at KEI Kung Fu. Lucien & Markus have been dedicated students at the academy. They are clear examples of what hard work, dedication, and consistency means.

We look forward to assisting them both in their Black Belt journey! Check out the video below to see a glimpse of the Black Belt Event.