The Importance of Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit In Kung Fu

There are some sports and activities that focus mainly on working your body. And although discipline, grit, and focus are necessary attributes needed to succeed at any achievement, martial arts such as Kung Fu requires a balance of the mind, body, and spirit. A Kung Fu practice is a movement in continuous self-improvement. One of the greatest rewards of signing up for a Kung Fu class is the mental fortitude and health that students build as they explore and ‘master’ new skills. At KEI Kung Fu we believe that the mind-body connection in kung fu training can help people of all ages to meet life’s obstacles.


What is meant by Mind-Body Connection?

There’s a lot of talk between the connection of the mind and body, yet this is a concept that is often misunderstood. If you’ve ever practiced an eastern art/activity such as meditation or Yoga, then you’re probably aware that deep concentration and stillness can have a positive influence on your health. When people practice mindfulness or meditation for example, their heart rates decrease, their blood pressure lowers, and the anxiety that may be haunting them at other times disappears into the background. The point is that when you have control over your mind, this will allow you to do more with your body. An advanced Kung Fu practitioner holds a horse stance for 30 minutes because he’s trained his mind and therefore believes he can. The seasoned martial artist breaks open a coconut because he believes he can. He or she diligently practices the necessary skills in order to attain this skill, but without the mental faith that his palm will break open the coconut, he or she will not be successful.

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So basically, the way you think and feel can have a significant impact on your physical well-being. An individual who navigates through life with a sense of discipline, and a belief in himself and his abilities, will most likely achieve more than an individual whose negative self-talk and self-doubt take over.

How Does Kung Fu Practice Help Connect the Mind and Body?

Practicing Kung Fu, like most martial arts, takes discipline and focus. The process of concentrating on a single thought, concept, or movement requires unifying the mind, body, and spirit into perfect balance. In Kung Fu it is said that when these three aspects of the self come into harmony, anything is possible. Practicing Kung Fu helps individuals learn how to harmonize their mental and physical energy, making sure that all parts of the body works as one. This takes a lot of practice, especially because most people do not move their limbs in harmony with one another.

At KEI Kung Fu, at times instructors will use soft music and mindfulness to help students bring the mind into focus. In others cases, instructors will use mindful breathing is the main tool to create the bond between the body and mind. This results in stillness of the mind and body, allowing the students to bring everything they have to assignment.

The Positive Effects of Kung Fu Practice for the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Like most of us nowadays, you probably have moments where you find yourself feeling disconnected or distracted. How many times have you found yourself walking into a room not certain of what you brought you there? Or losing our way our way on a familiar trip as a result of being absent-minded. A key ingredient to succeeding in Kung Fu, other martial arts or activities, is to unite all three aspects of the self, into a laser-like focus. As your body, mind, and spirit connect, the challenges of learning Kung Fu becomes much easier than it would be without that awareness.

Learning and practicing Kung Fu can help you in every area of your life. When you develop the awareness and ability to connect your mind and body, allowing them to synergyize, you will find that qualities such as discipline, mental clarity and stillness come easily.

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