Exploring The Internal Arts

Have you ever wondered about the philosophies behind an internal arts practice?

To someone who’s never practiced martial arts before, it can be easy to fall in the trap of thinking that martial arts are all about kicking and punching. On the contrary, martial arts can go pretty deep, exploring the internal aspects of the body, rather than just the external movements. Simply put, an internal martial art or an internal arts practice involves a combination of mindful/meditative work, breathwork, and physical movements.

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Qualities of the Internal Arts

When practicing an internal martial art like Taiji, you’ll find that the movements seem gentle and slow at first glance. However, those movements can be incredibly powerful when executed correctly as demonstrated on several occasions by our internal arts teacher Sifu Torben. Many internal arts practitioners and hobbyists have reported significant changes in their overall health after having practiced it. At KEI Kung Fu, the focus on the mind-body connection is a key factor of the internal arts and is based on centuries of Chinese wisdom and traditions.


Internal Martial Arts only for the elderly?

A common myth about the internal arts is that it is only practiced by the elderly or those who are incapable of practicing more strenuous martial arts. This isn’t true. An internal arts practice demands a high level of mental and physical skill, and individuals of all abilities and all ages can benefit from it.


Benefits of Internal Martial Arts

Practicing an internal martial art can have a positive impact on one’s mental clarity, it can reduce stress and anxiety, increase your focus and concentration, and promote your overall health. The slow, controlled movements of internal martial arts can also help to improve balance, flexibility, and coordination. furthermore, the focus on the mind-body connection can lead to increased self-awareness and a deeper understanding of one’s own physical and emotional state.

To conclude, the internal arts are a powerful means to cultivate a strong mind-body connection. While it may seem mysterious and even unapproachable at times, the advantages of practicing an internal art are numerous— including improved mind-body synergy and increased self-awareness. So, if you are looking for a healthy practice that can help you  improve many aspects of your life, we would definitely encourage you to explore our internal arts (Qigong & Taiji) classes at our academy, KEI Kung Fu.

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