What you need to know: Starting Kung Fu as a Teen or Adult

Practicing Kung Fu provides many benefits for people of all ages and backgrounds. This will be a fun and challenging program that enhances physical fitness, teaches self-defence strategies, and develops traditional values such as discipline, hard work, and respect. In short, Kung Fu martial arts are good for the body and the mind!

Am I too late to start as a teen or adult?

It’s never too late for a teen or adult to try out our Kung Fu programs! Whether you are a couch potato or competitive athlete, our martial arts classes offer many benefits and rewards. All of our programs follow a structured and progressive curriculum that start with fundamentals that are accessible to beginners, regardless of their age or fitness level.

I was never interested in other sports

Kung Fu can be a great physical outlet for a teen or adult who isn’t interested in popular team sports like hockey, basketball, and football. Starting martial arts doesn’t require any prior experience or a specific skill set. In our safe and fun kung fu programs, students advance at their own pace and can enjoy the benefits of an individual sport and the camaraderie of group training.

Ben jij klaar voor je eerste les bij KEI Kung Fu?

Meld je aan voor een proefles en kom vrijblijvend kennis maken met Wing Chun, onze leraren en andere deelnemers.


Can I learn martial arts if I am already in another sport?

Our Kung Fu programs are highly effective cross-training disciplines. Cross training is a way to alternate your workout routine in a way that can improve performance, mental focus, and overall fitness. Cross training Kung Fu with other sports can used by athletes to improve their performance, whether it’s hockey, football, and tennis and so forth.

Does martial arts promote violence?

Our Kung Fu programs focus on self-control and de-escalation. Our students learn effective self-defense skills, and practice them in a controlled environment. All of our programs are taught by our experienced teachers which keeps our classes safe and fun.

Benefits of learning martial arts at any age

  • Conditioning- Kung Fu is a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles. Throwing punches, kicking, and sparring are a fun way to stay fit.
  • Flexibility and agility- Practising Kung Fu increases flexibility and agility, while improving coordination skills.
  • Posture- Good posture is beneficial for health and can make an individual look and feel better. Learning proper techniques and body mechanics improves both posture and balance. A lot of these skills are taught in our Qigong program.
  • Weight- By burning calories and toning muscles, martial arts help teens and adults maintain a healthy body weight. Our KEI Fit programs are ideal for this!
  • Stamina- Since Kung Fu provides a full-body workout, training increases overall stamina and endurance.
  • Mental health- In addition to improving physical fitness, Kung Fu does a great job at improving mental and emotional health. As teens and adults learn self-defence moves, they’ll find that Kung Fu boosts self-confidence, reduce stress, and help with concentration and focus.
  • Set and Achieve Goals- The study of martial arts requires students to pursue goals on a regular basis. Each ‘belt’ or certificate earned, represents goals achieved.
  • Respect- Students are expected to treat their instructors and fellow students with respect at all times – it is the core of what we do in Kung Fu.
  • Belonging- Because of the benefits of learning listed above, students may find it easier to meet people and make friends. Our Kung Fu program gives teenagers and adults a place where they belong, building camaraderie and lasting friendships.

Teen and adult martial arts classes can be a great experience–if you or your teen is interested in learning Kung Fu, you can sign up for your introduction class today! Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch with our team.