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Exploring The Internal Arts

what comes to mind when you think of an internal martial art? Read further to see how we explore the internal arts at KEI Kung Fu! Lees verder

What Is Stopping You From Doing Martial Arts?

Embarking on the path of martial arts is an exciting and transformative experience. Join KEI Kung Fu and enjoy the benefits of Kung Fu! Lees verder

The Importance of Internal Arts

Deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection of the internal arts with Sifu Torben Bremann at KEI Kung Fu! Lees verder

4 Tips For Martial Arts Beginners

Taking part in martial arts can make many positive changes in your everyday life. Check out the video in our article to see how and why our student Rakesh signed up for martial arts at KEI Kung Fu! Lees verder

The Importance of Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit In Kung Fu

At KEI Kung Fu we not only help students defend themselves, but we teach students how to allow their mind, body, and spirit to function as one Lees verder

Fitness een prioriteit maken in 2023!

Je gezondheid een prioriteit maken dit jaar? Start bij KEI! Lees verder

De Persoonlijkheid van Mensen die Geboren zijn in het Jaar van het Konijn

2023 is het jaar van het Konijn! Spring erin met positieve energie en hoop op een mooi jaar in het vooruitzicht! Lees verder

The Character Traits of People Born In The Year of The Rabbit

2023 is the Year of The Rabbit! Hop into it with positive energy and hope for a bright year ahead! Lees verder

Wat je moet weten: beginnen met Martial Arts als volwassene of jong-volwassene

Starten met een vechtsport? Wanneer je begint met kung fu is het belangrijk een aantal dingen te weten. Lees verder! Lees verder

What you need to know: Starting Kung Fu as a Teen or Adult

Starting out with martial arts can be intimidating. You know you have a lot to learn but don’t always know where to begin. Lees verder

3 Reasons To Choose Kung Fu Over A Team Sport

Unsure whether to sign your child up for a sports team or a martial arts class? Not sure how to choose between the two? Read this article. Lees verder

4 Reasons Why Children Should Practice Kung Fu Over The Summer

Combating boredom this summer can be easy when children enroll in our kung fu classes. What is learned through Kung Fu goes beyond learning cool punches & kicks. Here are 4 reasons to start (or continue) learning martial arts this summer. Lees verder